Managing Multiple Part-Time Employees: Timber Custom Woods

Tim Mawsom is the owner of Timber Custom Woods in Bakersfield, CA. He shares how to manage multiple part-time employees. He is standing in front of a giant tree trunk and tractor.

Timber Custom Woods Passion meets craftsmanship in the story of Timber Custom Woods. Owner Tim Mawsom is a visionary driven by his love for woodworking. It all started as a kid milling wood with a friend in Napa, California. Now he has a flourishing business. Tim’s journey shares valuable insights on how to grow your […]

Simplifying Complexity: The Power of Sales Approaches

John Krum and Neil Knaak of AgProz, an app company based out of Fresno, CA, shared their insights into what sales techniques are simplifying complexity.

One crucial aspect is often overlooked in the role of sales approaches when it comes to simplifying the complexity of agriculture and technology. On a recent episode of Small Business Celebration, we delved into this topic with John Krum and Neil Knaak of AgProz. They shared their invaluable insights in how sales techniques can transform […]

Enhancing Foot Traffic with In-Store Events: for Boutique Owners

Founder & Owner of Victoria's Boutique at The Marketplace, in Bakersfield, CA, Victoria Diffee. She talks about how to increase foot traffic. She is standing in front of her store.

Introduction The world of retail is ever evolving. However, foot traffic remains a vital indicator of any store’s success. For Victoria Diffee, owner of Victoria’s at the Marketplace, enhancing foot traffic is a cornerstone of her boutique’s growth strategy. From her humble beginnings as a secretary to becoming one of the oldest boutiques in Bakersfield, […]

Seasonal Expenses with Azhiaziam: From Apartment to Morro Bay

Founder & Owner of Azhiaziam, Mike Jones in Morro Bay, CA. He talks about the challenges of seasonal expenses. His company is a lifestyle clothing company for action sports.

In this episode of Small Business Celebration, we delve into the inspiring journey of Mike Jones, the owner of the iconic clothing brand, Azhiaziam. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Mike shares his insights on navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. He focuses in on managing seasonal expenses in business. The Beginning Mike’s […]

Bouncing Back After Challenging Business Sales: Scott Garrison

Founder & Owner of Planned Exits, Scott Garrison in Bakersfield, CA in. He talks about bouncing back after a challenging business sale. He is wearing a suit and used to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stria in Bakersfield, CA before it was shut down.

Navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship often involves facing unexpected challenges, including the sale of a business. We interviewed Scott Garrison, founder and CEO of Planned Exits LLC. He shared his experiences and a life time of wisdom. In particular, we talked about coming back in the aftermath of a challenging business sale. Additionally, […]

Non-Digital Solutions: Elevate Your Business with The Nest and Co

Founder & Owner of The Nest & Co, Jenica Willis in her store in Bakersfield, CA in. She talks about elevating your business with non-digital solutions

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Small Business Celebration! Today, we delve into the extraordinary journey of The Nest and Company. This company is a sanctuary for prenatal and postpartum support founded by Jenica Willis in 2018. Join us as we uncover the power of non-digital solutions in setting businesses apart in an increasingly digital […]

Appointment Cancellations: Insights from Sip and Style

Founder & Owner of Sip and Style Blow Dry Bar, Shelly Guess in her salon with husband in Bakersfield, CA in front of blow dry sign wearing a pink dress. She talks about appointment cancellations

Shelly Guess, owner of Sip and Style Blow Dry Bar talks with Michael about appointment cancellations. She also provides valuable insights for business growth. Shelly shares her journey and strategies for fellow entrepreneurs, looking to succeed in their service based businesses. Taking Your Business Up a Level: Strategies for Growth Shelly offers practical tips for […]

Designing Dreams: Sarah Ward’s Journey to Interior Designer

Sarah Ruth Ward Founder & Principal Designer of Sarah Ruth Interiors is designing dreams in Bakersfield, CA

Designing Dreams Sarah Ward’s story is not just about transforming spaces; it’s a tale of determination, creativity, and the unwavering pursuit of a passion. It all began with chalk drawings on job sites with her dad. Today, she is the owner and lead designer of Sarah Ruth Interiors. Her thriving full-service interior design studio business […]

BSW Roofing Insights from Ernie & Rick Montoya

Ernie and Rick Montoya, owners of BSW Roofing, Solar & Air in their interview with Small Business Celebration

Over 45,000 Roofs In Central Bakersfield, a legacy thrives – BSW Roofing. With over five decades of history, this family-owned business has weathered storms, adapted to trends, and completed over 45,000 roofs. In a recent episode of “Small Business Celebration,” we had the privilege of talking with Ernie and Rick Montoya, the owners of BSW […]

The Vodka Game with Richard Daley

Richard Daley in a purple shirt and tan hat wearing glasses. He is at Sports and Spirits for his interview with SBC about Plush Vodka and his role as Vice President and Co-Owner alongside Malcom Hill

Introduction In this episode of Small Business Celebration, we delve into the world of entrepreneurship with a focus on increasing Yelp reviews organically, fostering collaborations with vendors, and navigating the vodka game. Join us as we explore the insights and experiences shared by Richard Daley, Vice President of West Coast Operations at Plush Vodka. Who’s […]