Non-Digital Solutions: Elevate Your Business with The Nest and Co

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Small Business Celebration! Today, we delve into the extraordinary journey of The Nest and Company. This company is a sanctuary for prenatal and postpartum support founded by Jenica Willis in 2018. Join us as we uncover the power of non-digital solutions in setting businesses apart in an increasingly digital world.

Meet Jenica Willis

Jenica Willis, the visionary behind The Nest and Company, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a clear purpose: to provide comprehensive prenatal and postpartum services and products. With a background in nursing and a passion for alternative birthing methods, Jenica laid the groundwork for what would become a pillar of support for new parents.

Jenica’s Journey

From childhood aspirations of nursing to a brief stint in journalism, Jenica’s path took a definitive turn when she encountered Leah Elliot. Leah became a mentor who introduced her to the world of childbirth education. Inspired by Leah’s teachings and fueled by a desire for meaningful work, Jenica ventured into childbirth education. Initially she operated from her home part time. However, a life-altering event prompted her to reassess her purpose and take a bold leap into entrepreneurship. She experienced survivor’s guilt from a mass shooting at a concert and decided to make her life one she was proud of and excited to live.

Founder & Owner of The Nest & Co, Jenica Willis in her store in Bakersfield, CA in. She talks about elevating your business with non-digital solutions
Founder & Owner of The Nest & Co, Jenica Willis in her store in Bakersfield, CA in. She talks about elevating your business with non-digital solutions

Founding The Nest and Company

Armed with a vision and supported by like-minded individuals, Jenica founded The Nest and Company. Starting as a childbirth education service, it quickly evolved into a comprehensive support center. They offer lactation consulting, outpatient services, and even host a milk depot and diaper bank. The goal was clear: to fill the gaps in community support for new parents and provide evidence-based information in a nurturing environment.

Expanding Services with Non-Digital Solutions

In a world dominated by digital solutions, The Nest and Company stands out by prioritizing non-digital approaches to support new parents. Therefore, they offer in-person childbirth education classes and hands-on lactation consulting. Additionally, they act as a diaper and milk bank. Every initiative is rooted in human connection and tangible support. By offering a physical space for parents to receive guidance and resources, The Nest and Company creates an unparalleled experience that digital platforms cannot replicate.

Balancing Business and Personal Life

Amidst the demands of entrepreneurship, Jenica emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining a work-life balance. From family dinners to regular vacations for disconnection, she shares practical strategies for navigating the challenges of business ownership while nurturing personal relationships.

Overcoming Business Challenges

Despite the dedication and hard work invested in The Nest and Company, Jenica acknowledges the occasional feeling of inadequacy. Her advice? Establish clear boundaries, focus on what truly matters, and seek support from peers and mentors. These are just a few tips to overcome challenges and stay resilient in the face of imposter syndrome and setbacks.

The American Dream

Drawing from her personal story of immigrant parents who overcame odds to achieve business ownership, Jenica reaffirms the enduring spirit of the American Dream. Through perseverance, determination, and a willingness to pursue one’s vision, she believes success is within reach for those who dare to dream.


The journey of The Nest and Company serves as a testament to the transformative power of vision, determination, and community support. By prioritizing non-digital solutions in an increasingly digital world, Jenica Willis has carved a niche for her business. Also, she created a haven for new parents seeking tangible support and guidance. She encourages business owners to continue to grow by valuing human connection and community.

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