Lessons from Merging Businesses with Kat Clowes

Introduction: In a recent Small Business Celebration episode, Kat Clowes, owner of March Consulting and Higher Scores Test Prep, shared her experiences and challenges when merging businesses. Join us as we uncover the unexpected aspects of buying a second business and the valuable lessons Kat learned along the way.

Kat Clowes of March Consulting Group is smiling big and holding a sign that says "I finished my college applications"
Kat Clowes of March Consulting Group

The Merger of March Consulting and Higher Scores Test Prep: Kat revealed the acquisition of Higher Scores Test Prep was not a planned move. A colleague, inspired by similar values, offered Kat the opportunity to take over her successful business. The decision aligned with Kat’s vision to expand services for her students, leading to the acquisition of Higher Scores Test Prep.

The Unexpected Challenges: As Kat embarked on this new venture, she faced unexpected challenges that often accompany business mergers. One significant challenge was the transition process, especially during the busiest time of the year—tax season and college application season. The time constraints and the need to delegate tasks highlighted the importance of meticulous planning.

Time-Intensive Transition: Kat emphasized that the transition process took much more time than anticipated. Despite a six-week transition period, certain aspects were overlooked due to the demands of the season. The advice from Kat is clear: be prepared for a more extended transition period than you think you’ll need.

Running Two Businesses: Running two businesses simultaneously posed a significant hurdle. Kat confessed she initially underestimated the time commitment required for the second business. The realization that she couldn’t manage everything on her own led to the crucial decision to bring in additional help.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Kat opened up about experiencing impostor syndrome during this challenging period. The pressure to perform at her best, combined with the fear of failing, created moments of self-doubt. Overcoming impostor syndrome required a mindset shift, realizing she didn’t have to do everything alone and that delegating tasks to the right people was essential.

The Importance of Delegation: Kat’s journey highlighted the significance of putting the right people in the right positions. Learning to delegate and trusting others to handle specific aspects of the business became a pivotal realization. This shift in mindset allowed Kat to focus on her strengths and create a more effective and sustainable operation.

Final Thoughts: As Kat navigated the challenges of merging businesses, her story serves as a reminder that humility, adaptability, and seeking help are vital components of entrepreneurial success. The journey may be fraught with uncertainties, but overcoming obstacles ultimately strengthens the business.

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Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or facing the challenges of business growth, Kat’s insights provide valuable lessons for anyone navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. Stay tuned to Small Business Celebration for more inspiring stories from the world of entrepreneurship!

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