The method below has been proven numerous times over with our previous guests to spread the word to their existing customers about this interview, but also is how the word of your business gets spread around beyond your existing customer base.  The strength of your episode carry’s its own weight and becomes one in which your contacts will want to spread through their contacts – making your business even better known – AND it doesn’t take but a few minutes to do this.

In order to maximize the full effect this interview can have on your business; we suggest the steps below.

The Week Before Podcast Release Date:

The Week Of Your Podcast Release Date:

  • Share all of our daily posts promoting your episode on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Create a personal post of your own on Monday encouraging your followers to watch and listen your episode.

After That:

  • Post the episode onto your website, Facebook and LinkedIn page, anywhere else you’re look for this episode to live for the future so that others may enjoy it.
  • Take the link for your episode and add it to your email signature so that your clients can learn more about you and your business every time you email them.

Also, make sure you comment on the episode above. People actually read the comments associated with the video and you will add to you and your business’s visibility by leaving your thoughts.

That’s it! Simple!

I, and Visioneer Nation, appreciate your wisdom,