Welcome to the Small Business Celebration Program where successful business owners, like yourself, teach and inspire other small business owners on how to grow from status quo, to success, to transformation!


Your business knowledge is unique, and before we can record and broadcast the podcast with that knowledge, we have four items accompanying this letter to help ensure a positive and enlightening experience:

A List of Questions

This list of questions is designed to give you a general idea of the type of questions that may be asked during the interview so that you may prepare, as you deem appropriate. Keep in mind that this list is a “general list” of questions and the actual questions may be different depending on how the conversation goes during the podcast.

Podcast Release Form

This form is a typical podcast / broadcast release form allowing Small Business Celebration, LLC. the right to retain, edit, and broadcast your upcoming interview.

Podcast Standard Interview Format Schedule

A general format of what happens when so you know what to expect when we sit down for the interview.

Maximize Your Social Media Exposure

An outline of best practices that will help you maximize your social media exposure from the interview and

promote your business!


Your story of success is going to be one many small business owners are going to enjoy listening to once we have received signed originals of the above information…


…an interview I am personally looking forward to,


Michael Roberts

Small Business Celebration


Ps. This interview will be on YouTube! As a result, you’ll want to make sure that you present yourself as you would a new prospective client.


Pss. If you haven’t subscribed to the Small Business Celebration podcast already (see the “Maximize Your Social Media Exposure” page to learn how), you may want to listen to a couple of episodes prior to our interview so you can get a taste of how your interview will go…and perhaps learn something new to help you grow a stronger and more profitable business!