Enhancing Foot Traffic with In-Store Events: for Boutique Owners


The world of retail is ever evolving. However, foot traffic remains a vital indicator of any store’s success. For Victoria Diffee, owner of Victoria’s at the Marketplace, enhancing foot traffic is a cornerstone of her boutique’s growth strategy. From her humble beginnings as a secretary to becoming one of the oldest boutiques in Bakersfield, CA, Victoria’s shares how she grew a loyal customer base.

Navigating Challenges

Victoria understands the challenges of seasonal expenses and the need to maintain a positive attitude amid change. She emphasizes discipline over motivation, a principle propelling her boutique forward even in uncertain times.

What Victoria’s Boutique Sells

Founder & Owner of Victoria's Boutique at The Marketplace, in Bakersfield, CA, Victoria Diffee. She talks about how to enhance foot traffic organically. She is standing in front of her store.
Founder & Owner of Victoria’s Boutique at The Marketplace, in Bakersfield, CA, Victoria Diffee. She talks about how to enhance foot traffic organically.

Victoria’s Boutique offers a diverse range of products, from stylish dresses to accessories and jewelry, catering primarily to women aged 40 and above. Emphasizing comfort and practicality without compromising style, Victoria ensures her customers feel confident and elegant in their choices.

Business Insights

Victoria’s husband plays a crucial role in supporting the business, both financially and operationally. Regular store remodeling keeps the space fresh and inviting. Additionally, she implements online engagement strategies, such as Facebook Live sessions and promotions. This has helped maintain customer interest during challenging periods.

Networking and Community Engagement

Victoria’s involvement in community organizations like the Guild House and Links for Life has not only supported noble causes, but also boosted her boutique’s visibility. Participating in events like fashion shows has been instrumental in forging personal connections and driving foot traffic to her store.

Enhancing Foot Traffic Through Engaging In-Store Events

One of the standout strategies Victoria employs to enhance foot traffic is through engaging in-store events. Whether it’s fashion shows, trunk shows, or themed parties, these events create buzz, excitement, and a sense of community around the boutique.

  • Fashion Shows: Victoria collaborates with organizations like the Guild House to host fashion shows, showcasing her latest collections while supporting local causes. These events attract a diverse audience and generate interest in her boutique’s offerings.
  • Trunk Shows: Introducing exclusive collections or designer collaborations through trunk shows adds a sense of exclusivity and urgency, driving customers to visit the store to explore these limited-time offerings.
  • Themed Parties: From seasonal celebrations to customer appreciation events, themed parties offer a fun and interactive way to engage with customers. Victoria ensures these events are not only enjoyable but also provide opportunities for attendees to discover new products and trends.


Victoria’s journey from secretary to boutique owner is definitely encouraging. By prioritizing in-store events and fostering personal connections, she has successfully enhanced foot traffic and established her boutique as a thriving hub in the local community. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Victoria’s experience, particularly in leveraging in-store events to enhance foot traffic and foster customer engagement. By embracing creativity, collaboration, and community involvement, businesses can overcome challenges and thrive in retail.

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