Shutting Down a Second Business: Rich’s Auto Glass

Rich Beierle, owner of Rich's Auto Glass in Bakersfield, CA talking about when to shut down a second business that's not performing well without tarnishing your reputation.

As business owners, we often face tough decisions impacting not only our companies but also our personal lives and reputations. One of the most challenging decisions is shutting down a second business that’s not performing well. How can you know when to do this and how to do so without tarnishing your image? To guide […]

Service-Oriented Operations with E-Commerce: Grizzly Cycles

Kevin Talley, owner of Grizzly Cycles in Bakersfield, CA talking about merging service-oriented operations with e-commerce. He is wearing a Grizzly Cycles t-shirt and hat and in front of an orange wall and bicycles from his shop.

Finding the right balance between offering personalized services and expanding into e-commerce can be challenging. For Kevin Talley, owner of Grizzly Cycles, this journey is proving to be a rewarding one. In this blog post, we explore how Kevin has successfully merged a service-oriented business with e-commerce, while building a vibrant community around his brand. […]

Avoiding Repetitive Products: Salter’s Distributing

David Robertson, owner of Salter's Distributing in Chowchilla, CA talking about avoiding repetitive products in order to keep your customers engaged.

Today, we’re focusing on a critical aspect of retail success: avoiding overwhelming your customers with repetitive products. We’ll explore strategies for finding new and unique inventory items to keep your customer base engaged. Plus, we have a special guest, David Salter, the owner of Salter’s Distribution, who will share his journey and insights. Meet David […]

Providing Employees Clarity: Nolan-Thomas Construction

David Robertson, owner of Nolan-Thomas Construction in Fresno, CA talking about providing employees clarity on projects.

Today, we’re diving into the crucial topic of providing employees clarity on the significance of their contributions. We’ll also explore how to decide what areas to cut back on, going beyond the strict cost-benefit analysis. Our guest, David Robertson, the owner of Nolan Thomas Construction shared many wonderful insights.  Meet David Robertson David Robertson is […]

Creating Buzz and Embracing Generosity: Tobin James Winery

Lance and Claire Silver, owners of Tobin James Winery in Paso Robles, CA enjoying a glass of wine from their cellar in front of their iconic sun logo. Today they talked about creating buzz and embracing generosity.

Meet the Guests Lance and Claire Silver are the dynamic duo behind Tobin James Winery in Paso Robles, CA. Their journey from the clothing industry to becoming renowned winemakers and creating buzz in the wine community is both inspiring and instructive. Background Story Lance and Claire met at UNLV and started their first venture—a women’s […]

Incorporating a For-Profit Strategy in Your Nonprofit: Boys & Girls Club

Zane Smith Executive Director of The Boys & Girls Club of Kern County in Bakersfield, CA shaking hands with Micheal Roberts of Small Business Celebration. They are standing in an art room in front of a drawing Zane made of Micheal. Today they talked about incorporating a for-profit strategy in your nonprofit.

The Boys & Girls Club of Kern County  This week we are diving into the world of nonprofit organizations with Zane Smith, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Kern County. Zane shares insights on how to successfully incorporating a for-profit strategy into your nonprofit model for long-term sustainability. We had a […]

Keeping it Clean: Lloyd Nelson’s & Top Down Janitorial

Lloyd Nelson of Top Down Janitorial in Paso Robles, CA sitting in the Paso Robles Youth Arts Center (PRYAC) music room. He is in his work shirt and a hat.

Keeping it Clean Success often hinges on community, resilience, and the willingness to adapt. Lloyd Nelson’s journey from college football player to the owner of Top Down Janitorial embodies these qualities. He shares the valuable lessons he’s learned about cleaning and keeping it clean in life and business. Who’s Lloyd Nelson? Lloyd Nelson’s entrepreneurial journey […]

Balance Your Business and Income: Executive Copier Solutions

Alfred Valenzuela, owner of Executive Copier Solutions in Bakersfield, CA. He own a copy machine business. He is wearing a black work shirt and talking about balance your business and income.

Introduction Finding the right balance for your business and income is a challenge many business owners face. In our conversation with Alfred Valenzuela, owner of Executive Copier Solutions, he shared about his journey and valuable insights on navigating this balance. Alfred’s Background and Entrepreneurial Journey Alfred’s entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for sales, cultivated […]

Mastering The Art of Service: Insights from Steve Holloway Painting

Steve Holloway, owner of Steve Holloway Painting in Bakersfield, CA. He own a painting business business. He is wearing a red shirt and talking about mastering the art of service and customer care.

With over four decades of experience under his belt, Steve Holloway has lots of experience in the art of service. He owns Steve Holloway Painting, a full-service painting company. He and his company have not only weathered the storms of time, but has also embraced evolution and innovation with open arms. A Journey Through Time […]

Financial Expectations With A Partner: Rios Design Studio

Megan Rios and Jaime Rios, owners of Rios Design Studio in Bakersfield, CA. They own a landscape architecture business.

Introduction: Setting the Scene Welcome back to another amazing post on Small Business Celebration! Today we’re talking about financial expectations and the world of landscape architecture. Megan Rios of Rios Design Studio opened up on what it looks like to run a successful business alongside her husband and work with other architects. Exploring the Landscape: […]