The Vodka Game with Richard Daley

Richard Daley in a purple shirt and tan hat wearing glasses. He is at Sports and Spirits for his interview with SBC about Plush Vodka and his role as Vice President and Co-Owner alongside Malcom Hill

Introduction In this episode of Small Business Celebration, we delve into the world of entrepreneurship with a focus on increasing Yelp reviews organically, fostering collaborations with vendors, and navigating the vodka game. Join us as we explore the insights and experiences shared by Richard Daley, Vice President of West Coast Operations at Plush Vodka. Who’s […]

Crafting Jingles with Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw holding a trophy in front of memorabilia from his time with Buck Owens, The Crystal Palace, Hee Haw, and The Buckaroos in Bakersfield, CA.

In the realm of advertising, the art of crafting jingles holds a special place. For Jim Shaw, owner of JBS Productions, it’s been a 45-year journey of creating catchy tunes and leaving a lasting impression. From humble beginnings to working with iconic figures like Buck Owens, Jim’s career had evolved. It is a testament to […]

A Cookie Legacy : Insights from Smith’s Bakery with Jim Balmain

Jim Balmain smiling in front of bakery equipment during his interview at Smith's Bakery in Bakersfield, CA.

In the heart of entrepreneurship lies a culture of shared responsibilities and continuous evolution. This is exemplified by Smith’s Bakery, a longstanding establishment that has not only weathered the test of time but has also become an integral part of the community. In a recent episode of Small Business Celebration, we interviewed Jim Balmain, the […]

Photography Success: April McGill Photography

April McGill of April McGill Photography showing off her vintage camera collection and pretending to take a picture

Introduction: The Uncharted Territories of Entrepreneurship The conventional teachings of photography success may teach lighting and camera settings but often overlook the practicalities of business. This can leave room for potential errors that could cost thousands. For April McGill, founder of April McGill Photography, a thriving commercial photography business and seasoned entrepreneur, a pivotal moment […]

Dirk Turner: From Meat Cutter to TNT Liberty Safes

Dirk Turner of Liberty T&T Safes in Bakersfield smiling for his interview

In a recent episode of Small Business Celebration, the spotlight turned to Dirk Turner, the mastermind behind TNT Liberty Safes in Bakersfield, California. This captivating episode delved into the intriguing journey of Dirk, a former grocery store meat cutter turned owner of a thriving safe business. The narrative touched upon mechanics, security, and the world […]

Legacy and Values: Joe Hay, President of Jim Burke Ford

Joe Hay of Jim Burke Ford smiling during his interview while wearing a suit in front of a mural of Bakersfield, CA while talking about legacy and values

In a recent Small Business Celebration, Michael sat down with Joe Hay, the President of Jim Burke Ford, to delve into the legacy, challenges, and values defining this family-owned business. The conversation offered insights into the journey of a company deeply rooted in its past yet evolving with the times. Unveiling the Past: From Jim […]

Transforming Healthcare with Dr. Rafael Huezo

Doctor Rafael Huezo from Mint Health Clinic in Bakersfield, California smiling in his lab coat

Healthcare is a highly competitive industry. Dr. Rafael Huezo shares his remarkable journey and the pivotal strategy that distinguishes his practice from others in the field. He offers a subscription based model of healthcare as a way to be more accessible, affordable, and have more time with each of his patients. Strategic Marketing: The Impact […]

Entrepreneurial Wisdom: Michael Roberts’ and Small Business Celebration

Michael Roberts smiling during his interview which is the 250th episode of Small Business Celebration sharing entrepreneurial wisdom

Introduction: Entrepreneurship – every venture and individual who embarks on this distinct journey is in for many highs and lows. In this special episode of Small Business Celebration, Michael Roberts, founder and host of the YouTube channel and podcast, steps into the interviewee spotlight to share the entrepreneurial wisdom he’s learned. If you’ve been harboring […]