BSW Roofing Insights from Ernie & Rick Montoya

Over 45,000 Roofs

In Central Bakersfield, a legacy thrives – BSW Roofing. With over five decades of history, this family-owned business has weathered storms, adapted to trends, and completed over 45,000 roofs. In a recent episode of “Small Business Celebration,” we had the privilege of talking with Ernie and Rick Montoya, the owners of BSW Roofing, Solar & Air. Join us as we delve into their journey, from humble beginnings to pioneering ventures in roofing and solar.

The Beginning of BSW Roofing

BSW Roofing traces its roots back to the roofing contracting days of the Montoya patriarch in the 1950s. He learned the trade as a teen and decided to make a business of it in his 20s, teaching Ernie and Rick as they grew up.

The Montoya Legacy

Ernie and Rick Montoya assumed ownership in 1989, infusing the business with a blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary vision. Their journey began while still in college, honing their business skills alongside their father’s roofing expertise. They decided to take over and expand what their father built.

Ernie and Rick Montoya, owners of BSW Roofing, Solar & Air in their interview with Small Business Celebration
Ernie and Rick Montoya, owners of BSW Roofing, Solar & Air in their interview

Diversification into Solar

As industry trends shifted, Ernie and Rick identified a demand for solar integration within the roofing sector. Leveraging their roofing background, they transitioned into the solar business, capitalizing on their existing tile supplies and roofing proficiency to carve a niche in the evolving market.

Navigating Financial Frontiers

In a landscape where cash reigns supreme, Ernie and Rick shed light on funding strategies for substantial investments such as vehicles and properties. Emphasizing the importance of cash flow, they advocate for strategic financing while prioritizing early debt repayment through simple interest loans. They also shared insights into leveraging discounts and optimizing financial resources to maximize profitability.

Embracing Industry Trends

Ernie and Rick shared the significance of timing in venturing into trends early, citing their entry into solar as a prime example of aligning with market demands while capitalizing on their expertise. They also emphasized the importance of continuous learning and staying ahead of industry innovations to remain competitive.

Addressing Challenges Head-On

From tackling roofing leaks to providing solutions for solar systems, BSW Roofing demonstrates resilience in the face of adversity. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shows their dedication to excellence. They shared anecdotes of overcoming obstacles and navigating unforeseen challenges, highlighting their proactive approach to problem-solving.

The American Dream Lives On

Reflecting on their journey, Ernie and Rick refute the notion of the American Dream’s demise, championing hard work, integrity, and continuous improvement as the cornerstones of success. They shared stories of employees who started as laborers and eventually became successful business owners, exemplifying the opportunities available to those willing to work hard and persevere.

Connect with BSW Roofing

For those seeking roofing solutions rooted in experience and innovation, BSW Roofing stands ready to serve. Connect with them at 661-327-7663 or visit their website at Follow their journey on various social media platforms for insights and updates.


As our conversation with Ernie and Rick Montoya concluded, we are grateful for their insights. To learn more about BSW Roofing, check out their full interview below. Like, subscribe, and comment to engage with the Small Business Celebration community. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of entrepreneurship!

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