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Finding the right balance for your business and income is a challenge many business owners face. In our conversation with Alfred Valenzuela, owner of Executive Copier Solutions, he shared about his journey and valuable insights on navigating this balance.

Alfred’s Background and Entrepreneurial Journey

Alfred’s entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for sales, cultivated from a young age. Starting with door-to-door sales in his early years for the jog-a-thon, Alfred honed his skills and eventually transitioned into a successful sales career. However, the allure of entrepreneurship led Alfred to take the leap and buy Executive Copier Solutions.

The Importance of Quality Copiers for Business Owners

One of the key aspects Alfred emphasizes is the importance of quality copiers for businesses. There is a large distinction between big box store copiers and business-class machines. Alfred highlights the significance of investing in proper equipment as businesses grow. His approach of providing copiers tailored to the needs of small businesses and nonprofits is a good reminder of the value of quality over quick fixes. Having papers printed and ready can make or break the average office day.

Alfred Valenzuela, owner of Executive Copier Solutions in Bakersfield, CA. He own a copy machine business. He is wearing a black work shirt and talking about balance your business and income.
Alfred Valenzuela, owner of Executive Copier Solutions in Bakersfield, CA is talking about balancing your business and income.

Tips for Staying Productive Amidst Daily Tasks

To stay productive amidst the myriad of daily tasks, Alfred relies on making lists and delegating responsibilities effectively. Prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance, Alfred emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between handling tasks personally and delegating to capable individuals. His insights shed light on the art of productivity in entrepreneurship. 

Hiring Salespeople and Building Confidence

It can be hard to find good salespeople, since most are not natural sellers. Yet, to balance your business and income, the sales team must be proficient. Alfred shares his experience with hiring salespeople and the importance of confidence and work ethic in sales roles. A person may not initially be “good” at selling, but if they are taught hard work and their confidence is nurtured, they can become great assets to the company, driving business growth.

Balance Your Business and Income During Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for businesses worldwide, and Alfred’s experience was no exception. However, he found innovative ways to balance rapid revenue gains while maintaining a steady income flow. By investing in refurbishing copiers during slow business periods, Alfred gave a great example of how you can balance your business during challenging times.

Is the American Dream Dead?

Reflecting on the challenges of running a small business, particularly in California, Alfred offers a candid perspective on the American Dream. Despite the hurdles, Alfred remains steadfast in his belief in the entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to create a legacy. His encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs underscores the enduring pursuit of the American Dream.


Alfred Valenzuela’s journey as a small business owner offers valuable lessons on the delicate balance between rapid revenue gains and consistent income. By prioritizing quality and productivity, Alfred has been able to navigate entrepreneurship. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we can glean insights from Alfred’s experiences and strive to strike our own balance in pursuit of success.

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