Deep down, I knew business could be, should be, done differently.

Deep down, I knew I could convey the idea: if you have a great product, if you have a great service – how you conduct your business from your core staff and employees through to your customers, would give you what you want long term.

The businesses that create deeper loyalty with their employees and customers tend to experience more sustained success. In this age of commoditization, one defining business leadership characteristic is their ability to create relationships.

This is the idea of embracing the miracle of human potential. The idea of the employee living up to their full potential. The idea of customers feeling their unrecognized needs are being met. The idea where business owners are able to meet their goals, visions, and accomplishments.

This idea of business transformation did not begin from a text book or a classroom at a business college, but from a house warmly divided. A home where my father came from the family insurance business and transitioned to a high school business teacher, who later married my mother, an English teacher.

This rebellious business concept came from working in the highly competitive entertainment world for over 15 years, who learned business skills (skills not taught in college fine arts courses) and entrepreneurship from family, friends, and other successful business owners – all the while learning how to succeed and fail on my own, along the way.

The skills, techniques, and approaches taught by successful business owners are something I want to share with you. That’s why I created the “Small Business Celebration” podcast so these business owners can impart to you the hard lessons they have learned. That is why I have personalized coaching to guide you in your specific business and developed customized workshops and seminars to guide your entire staff and employees to assist them in living up to their full potential – for you, the business owner – the successful business owner.

In this age of commoditization, one defining leadership characteristic is their ability to embrace the miracle of human potential and create relationships.

I invite you to begin one with us,

Michael Roberts

Small Business Celebration