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In the dark recesses of the night it creeps into your phone, it creeps into your email, it creeps into your business.

Suddenly, your alarm clock screeches! Your heart lurches! Your blood pressure skyrockets!

In a mad rush, your run to shower, get dressed, grab your phone, laptop, your third scalding cup of coffee, and as you careen down the road to your business, your phone rings and vibrates off it’s holder and million-hundred thousand “to-do’s” rain through your brain.

…and it’s only Monday.

Is this why you started your own business?

While the morning I’ve just described has happened to the best of us on occasion, a consistent – reoccurring pattern of this is a danger to your mental health, your physical health, and the health of your business.

This week on the Small Business Celebration podcast, David Milazzo of Macroscopic, spoke briefly about taking control of your business. After the recording was completed, I asked David to go into a little more detail about how he manages his time.


The first thing he recommended was holding off on checking your email until you can truly focus on the content of the emails sent to you – don’t multi-task.

The wisdom of this advice is, if you check your email every 5-10 minutes, you may have a tendency to focus only on the “fire-of-the-minute” instead of focussing on what the big important items of the day, week, month, year, are. Instead of becoming a slave to your email, make your email a subject of your time constraints. Set aside two or three times a day to focus on your email and prioritize the subjects of those emails into daily / weekly schedule.

Don’t Multi-Task

The second suggestion David made was: Don’t multi-task. In the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, they showed that only about 2.5% of people effectively multi-task. If you are in the 97.5% of people, focus on one thing at a time. If you use a planner (paper or digital) block out portions of your day to complete each-task-at-a-time, and turn your phone to vibrate until the task is done.


The third piece of advice is to plan your day / week / month. There are many different ways about going about this. There are free apps on iPhone and Android devices and on every computer platform imaginable. Me personally, I find a combination of digital calendar and old-school paper planner, I’m using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner right now, extremely helpful.

Using any of these platforms allows you to focus on what’s important, what’s not important, and help you focus on your personal, family, business, and existential goals – all with an end to manage your time better, move your business from the status quo to success, to transformation.

Michael Roberts
Small Business Celebration

Recommended Reading: “The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done” by Peter F. Drucker, 2006.

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