Super Visioneer 2020

* Exclusions:

All qualifying members of Small Business Celebration's Super Visioneer program as treated as an unofficial membership whose connection, or alignment, with Small Business Celebration, LLC., its affiliates, or partners can be rejected or removed at any time without notice. Membership to Super Visioneer program is a privilege who status is up to the discretion of Small Business Celebration, LLC.

Cataloguing posting and dissemination and postings of recording or reviews time frame is at the discretion of Small Business Celebration, LLC. Final numbers and counts may vary from user assertions and Small Business Celebration, LLC. is not liable for any inconsistencies that may be apparent or occurs.

Small Business Celebration, LLC. does not guarantee that any recording or posting regarding to the Small Business Celebration podcast may be used and such recording may be edited and more manipulated without the expressed consent of the party, or parties, who supplied the recording. Supplying said recording does not guarantee its use on the Small Business Celebration podcast. iTunes terms and conditions apply to any review posted regarding Small Business Celebration, LLC., it's podcasts, associations, or affiliates.

And "Likes, Shares, or Comments" on any all social media platforms must be consistent with each platform's policies, terms, and conditions.

Any and all opportunities or benefits of membership as a Super Visioneer are subject to change without notice and may, or may not, be made available or allowed usage at any time. Any usage of the  Super Visioneer logo is at the discretion of Small Business Celebration and may be revoked at any time, without warning or cause, and its removal must be complied within 24 hours or will be subject to financial and legal penalties as Small Business Celebration, LLC. see fit.

Super Visioneer events, times, dates, location, and reoccurrence is at the sole discretion of Small Business Celebration, LLC. While Small Business Celebration, LLC. strives to provide the best possible interaction with its Super Visioneers, there is no guarantee by Small Business Celebration, LLC. that any ideas, thoughts, or dissemination can, and will, be used by Small Business Celebration, LLC. on its podcast or any other product or event that it may provide. Should a presented idea be used, unless otherwise noted, the origin, and its use, of the idea or dissemination is the sole property of Small Business Celebration, LLC.