Podcast Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our podcast listeners have asked about various details about our podcast, so we've put them into a consolidated form for you!

A. Why do small business owners subscribe to the Small Business Celebration podcast?

  1. There are many, many great podcasts that teach, inform, and guide small business owners and business professionals on the tools, techniques, and nuances of the business world, but more often than not, the perspective of their target audience gets overlooked - the business owner themselves.  This podcast welcomes the business owner into the conversation by being the podcast by successful small business owner FOR small business owner as they grow a strong and profitable businesses.
  2. After listening to a wide breadth of business podcasts, the primary question many small business owners are asking, "What has real-world, practical advice, delivered by a successful business owner who has overcome a specific failure (or three) that can guide me on something I can use today to create a successful / profitable business?"  The guests on our podcast answer that question.
  3. Owning a small business can be a difficult, trying, and lonely experience for a lot of people. The Small Business Celebration podcast encourages business owners that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - and it's not a train.
  4. The small business owner is part of community - a community of "Visioneers".

Who is a Visioneer?

A Visioneer is a small business owner who is a pioneer that has vision. 

A Visioneer is someone willing to see the world, not as it is, but as it could be - and is willing to do something about it.  

A Visioneer is ethical, smarter, faster, and leaner than the main-stream competition.  

A Visioneer gives value first because Visioneer’s are in business for the long-haul.

Visioneers understand the difference between saving money and earning a profit.

Visioneers define their destiny.

Visioneers create their own luck.

Visioneers surround themselves with successful, like-minded people.

Visioneers are renegades who defy the main-steam competition and are ready to change the world!

B. What is your criteria for guests on the Small Business Celebration podcast?

  1. The guest (small business owner) must be willing to inform / educate our listeners with at least two points, freely, that will help the listener grow a strong and profitable business.
  2. The guest, must be currently in business for at least the last five (5) consecutive years.
  3. The guest, with some exceptions, has at least five (5) full time employees.
  4. The guest, with a few notable exceptions or exemptions, has at least 500 followers on LinkedIn.

C. How do I get on the Small Business Celebration podcast?

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the "Small Business Interview Request" button and fill out the form!  We do read each and every one of them.  If we don't get back to you immediately, we apologize and will get back to you as soon as we can (we weren't expecting the volume of interest in our podcast to be so pleasantly high).

D. How do I get an in-person interview if my business is not in Bakersfield?

  1. We generally, but not always, try to avoid conducting interviews over the phone or the internet because the interview sounds like it's conducted on a sound stage or may be of low quality due to poor microphone / technical issues. Having said that, we will do interviews over the phone and internet is the guest is willing to live with what ever sound interference may occur during the recording of the interview.
  2. If you, the guest, would like us to come out a interview you, and your business, complete the "Small Business Interview Request" form and let us know you'd like us to come out and interview you at your business location.
  3. Once we contact you, we will estimate the cost (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) to conduct the interview at your location and go from there.  We try to reduce the cost to the interview guest by conducting multiple interviews in a single town/city if multiple guests (often referred by the initial interview guest) are willing to help defray the costs, including, but not limited to, sponsorship opportunities from hotel, airfare, etc.

E. Why do you do interviews in Bakersfield, California?

  1. Bakersfield, and Kern County, is an extremely diverse and complex economic area that is in the economic crossroads of California. The culturally diversity and the economic diversity gives tremendous offerings to our listeners that make their experiences easily relatable to a wide range of small business owner listeners - plus the interviewer's wife lives there.


If you have other questions about the podcast, let us know.

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