Three Qualities In the Right Employee

On episode #007 of the Small Business Celebration podcast, our guest, Rick Mossman of Mossman’s Catering, gave us some great insight on the importance of having the right employees in your business. After the interview was over, we spoke about finding the right employees for you business. If you’ve already downloaded our free ebook on … Read more

Local Business Laws and You

On episode #006 of the Small Business Celebration podcast, Ron Holbert of JoRonCo Party Rentals talks about how the smart business owner finds out about the laws in their area that affect their business. This conversation wasn’t about state and federal laws, but the local laws that affect our business and after the podcast, Ron … Read more

Being an Effective Business Owner

Being an Effective Business Owner On episode #005 of the Small Business Celebration podcast, Marcus Johnson of Starstruck Entertainment emphasized the values of successful entrepreneurship through leadership, values, and integrity. After the interview, Marcus and I spoke further about being an effective president of a business or company and the habits that make an “Effective … Read more

If I were you, how would I spend my money?

Empathy On episode #004 of the Small Business Celebration podcast, Mark Hale of Shockdoc Enterprises emphasized the importance taking care of the customer by asking himself a simple question with each customer: “If I were them, how would I spend my money?” The genius of this question is it imbeds in your psyche from the … Read more

Take Control of Your Business

5:50AM In the dark recesses of the night it creeps into your phone, it creeps into your email, it creeps into your business. Suddenly, your alarm clock screeches! Your heart lurches! Your blood pressure skyrockets! In a mad rush, your run to shower, get dressed, grab your phone, laptop, your third scalding cup of coffee, … Read more

The Big, Lofty Idea

Status quo. Success. Transformation. This is the first blog post on what intends to be a long, successful, transformation journey with Small Business Celebration.  A journey that expects to be full of up’s and downs, strings of insightful prose followed by dangling participles and run-on sentences.   A journey of interviewing from successful small business … Read more