Motivate your customers to take action to your business.

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You are in a position to see economic growth not seen in a decade.


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Are you ready to motivate your customers to your business?

Are you creating revenue?

Do your customers know what you're selling?

Small Business Celebration has quickly become the number one business podcast in Kern County by interviewing successful business owners, and those that run them, for business Owners, Partners, General Managers, Presidents, and CEO's - and those messages of success, and the lessons learned, can be translated into  tangible  actions  for you and your business.

You can avoid a stagnant, unprofitable business by:

  • Learning messaging that gets your customers to want to buy from you.
  • Improve the way your team talks about what you offer.
  • Clearly communicating what you have to your customers.

Your business can get these opportunities by doing the following:

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5 Areas Critical to Your Business’s Success

Many businesses struggle as they grow and remain relevant.  We will guide your business to focus on the five areas critical to your growth, success, and future-readiness: Talent, Leadership, Process, Technology, and Growth.

We understand the time and expense in developing a product or service, taking it to market, promoting it, working with talent, and working with customers.  We’re a small business too!

Our goal is to guide you in cutting down the amount of time, energy, and expense involved in developing an business with a customized process we design for you:

Intensive Seminar*


1-Day Seminar custom designed around one of the Process, Talent, Leadership, Technology, and Growth critical areas for your business.

"C-Suite" Training and Coaching

$1,500 per month

One, one-hour, private, ongoing coaching session with any single member of your business that focuses on your unique needs for your business.

Plus an annual “Business Improvement Review” of your business.

Business Training and Coaching*

$2,500 per month

Monthly, one half-day seminar custom designed around the Process, Talent, Leadership, Technology, and Growth critical areas for your business with one month’s workshop about content and application and the following month about application results from the lessons learned, and application refinement.

Plus an one-hour, private, ongoing coaching sessions with any member your business.

A bi-annual “Business Improvement Reviews” of your business.

*For businesses with five or fewer attendees to the workshop.  Prices may vary depending on the number of additional attendees.

Specific Coaching or Guidance*


Some businesses have specific needs that don’t fall into a specific category.  In these cases, we design for you a custom course of action to guide you.

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